Burglar Alarm Installation

Nova Alarms has been a burglar alarm installation specialist since 1985. Call 0161 702 8643 to learn more or to book a consultation.

Burglar Alarm Installation In Manchester

Approximately 817 houses are broken into daily in the UK, but only 32% of British households have a burglar alarm. So, suppose you're a part of the 68% of UK households that do not have an intruder alarm installed. In that case, we highly suggest you seek a reputable and trustworthy alarm provider to establish one as soon as possible.

As burglar alarm specialists, we're familiar with horror stories of families falling victim to burglary and vandalism. We believe that one family victimised is one family too many. We have supplied over 10,000 home security systems across the North West, providing families with comfort and confidence they're safe in their homes.

Often, people aren't exactly sure what they need; as such, our home security experts are on hand to provide their professional expertise and guide you regarding what would be sufficient for your home. Nova Alarms offers free, no-obligation quotations with a visit from one of our engineers. This allows us to assess your property and guide you on the most effective solution.

Why Choose Professional Burglar Alarm Installation?

Whilst you technically can install an intruder alarm yourself, it's far from ideal. Intruder alarms are highly technical security equipment; incorrectly installing them could result in frequent false alarms, lack of protection, or other forms of failure.

DIY alarm systems have recently surged in popularity; these kits typically comprise essential components such as motion detectors, a central control panel, and a basic siren. Their primary draw is the perceived cost-saving, as the upfront cost might be less than a professionally installed system. While DIY may save a penny here and there, it might not be the wisest avenue when safeguarding our homes. After all, when it comes to security, cutting corners can lead to vulnerabilities that carry far-reaching consequences.

You rely on your intruder alarm to protect you, your family, and your belongings. As such, it's of the utmost importance that it is functioning flawlessly. One minor misstep in installation, such as placing a sensor in an ineffective location or not calibrating it correctly, can jeopardise the entire system's efficacy. Additionally, every home is unique in its layout and security needs. However, DIY kits adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to cater to the widest possible audience. This further magnifies the risk of improper installation without professional guidance regarding the number of sensors, types of sensors, and their positions.

Protect Your Home With Nova Alarms – Family-Run Intruder Alarms Company in Manchester

At Nova Alarms, we’re thoroughly dedicated to our customers. We take pride in our customer service and believe that we build solid and long-lasting relationships with our customers through our flexibility, trustworthiness, and quality service.

Burglar Alarm Installation And Annual Maintenance Plans

Burglar alarms are fantastic security tools for both home security and commercial security. They provide a superb deterrent against criminal activity such as break-ins or burglary. However, an alarm only protects if it is working correctly. A damaged alarm system could be seen by criminals as a vulnerability, potentially marking your property as a target for robbery or other criminal activity.

So, how often should an alarm be serviced and undergo routine maintenance? Well, that depends on your unique needs and circumstances; however, a good rule of thumb is that intruder alarms should be serviced with regular maintenance every 12 months. This helps identify any problems before they cause a failure, leaving your home or business unprotected.

Annual Maintenance Coverage is similar to insurance for your alarm system. We will attend your property and issue a full service for a one-off payment each year. This is a full test of your system to ensure everything is working correctly. There are many benefits to taking out Annual Maintenance Cover, the main one being the guaranteed service you receive from us. Any system under the cover receives free call-outs for the full year, and we offer a 24-hour phone line that can be used in an emergency.

As a local business, we're very passionate about our local community; we're very concerned about the crime rate in Greater Manchester. That's why we offer alarm repair services for any burglar alarm, regardless of whether our team or a competitor has installed it. We provide repair services for all burglar alarm units; this includes fixing any make or model of intruder alarm. It doesn't matter if we installed the system; call our team, and we'll get there as soon as possible.

Intruder Detectors: How Our Burglar Alarm Installation Protects Your Property

To ensure your home is fully protected, choosing the right detection devices for your intruder alarm system is essential. We offer a range of options designed to provide comprehensive coverage and enhance the security of your Manchester home.

  1. PIR Detectors:
    Strategically placed in room corners, PIR (Passive Infrared) Detectors are highly effective at detecting movement. When an intruder enters the range of the PIR detector, it triggers the alarm, immediately alerting you and deterring the intruder from advancing further into your home.
  2. Magnetic Door Contacts:
    Designed to be fitted to external doors, Magnetic Door Contacts add an extra layer of security. These devices detect the opening and closing of doors, ensuring that any unauthorised entry triggers the alarm. Acting as a first line of defence, they help protect your property and provide peace of mind.
  3. Shock Detectors:
    Installed on windows and/or doors, Shock Detectors are designed to detect vibrations caused by forced entry attempts. If someone tries to break in by smashing glass or tampering with doors, the shock detector triggers the alarm, acting as a powerful deterrent and preventing unauthorised access to your home.
  1. Shock & Contact Dual Device:
    Combining the functionality of both magnetic door contacts and shock detectors, the Shock & Contact Dual Device offers a cost-effective solution. With this device, you benefit from two detection methods in one, ensuring enhanced security coverage for your property.
  2. Outdoor Detectors:
    Outdoor Detectors are weatherproof devices that can be installed across the back or side of your premises. These IP-rated detectors work similarly to PIR detectors, triggering the alarm when they detect movement. Monitoring outdoor areas ensures that potential intruders are detected and deterred before they can access your home.

Decades Of Burglar Alarm Installation Excellence – Nova Alarms

Nova Alarms is a family-run company providing homes with quality alarm maintenance, installation, and repair services since 1985. With our decades of experience as a family-owned business, we have developed close relationships with our existing customers and would be delighted to add you to that list.

As a family business passed down through generations, we have a deeply personal connection to our local area and the unique needs and circumstances of those living nearby. Our highly personal yet professional service is important to the Nova Alarms team. As a family-owned Greater Manchester security company, we're very dedicated to our local area and understand the community’s concerns regarding home security.

Nova Alarms, Manchester’s Home Security & Burglar Alarm Installation Specialists

Thanks to our Walkden roots, the family-owned burglar alarm specialists at Nova Alarms are ideally located to provide intruder alarm installation & maintenance throughout Greater Manchester, especially in nearby areas such as Salford and Bolton.

For more information regarding our professional security system installation, or if you would like to enquire and request a quotation, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated family-run alarms company. To speak to our team, please call 0161 702 8643.


Mike BallMike Ball
15:00 06 Mar 23
I needed a door contact re attaching, so I phoned Nova on the Friday afternoon, and they came out on the Monday and sorted everything out perfectly.Couldn't ask for a better and speedier service.Proper friendly too, everyone I spoke with. And they saved me a lot of money rather than going through the company who originally installed it, who wanted more than twice the price just to come out.Would definitely use again!
Antonio PratsasAntonio Pratsas
06:37 20 Jan 23
Great local Business.Very pleased with Nova Alarms. From survey to installation and follow up with a few technical rectifications,Nova have been brilliant. Highly recommended on all levels.
Nicola EvansNicola Evans
16:02 21 Oct 22
Had an alarm fitted last week due to a break in. Within 24 hours of making contact the work was quoted and alarm installed.Charlotte was great arranging the quote so quickly and very supportive. Checking in on me after the alarm was installed.Adam was great who quoted, discussed all options and saved me money in the process! I was going overboard wanting various things and he advised me with better options that saved money.Daryl who installed the alarm was very polite, professional and helpful. Also patient with me when it come to the technical demo. I'm not the best with technology!Great company, very professional and would definitely recommend to others.Thanks to all at Nova Alarms for making me feel safe in my own home again 🙂
Tony WalshTony Walsh
14:52 22 Sep 22
Had an alarm system with nova now for about 10 years. I have just moved and they was my first choice again. The product, support and customer service is second to none. The support and customer service largely down to a fantastic lady called Charlotte who is always willing to go that extra mile. She is always friendly and helpful with no problem to big or to small. The companies great and she's an asset to them
Maurice EdwardsMaurice Edwards
11:20 20 Sep 22
Very happy with my new Alarm system. Excellent customer service and installation from a business with a good family feel about them. Really friendly staff who were very helpful throughout the purchasing and installation process, so many thanks to Julie and Daryll for a First Class Job. 10 out of 10....

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