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As a homeowner in the vibrant town of Bolton, it's crucial to prioritise the safety and security of your property and loved ones. With rising crime rates, investing in reliable alarm systems has become essential.

Securing Your Home and Peace of Mind: The Importance of Alarms in Bolton

With its picturesque landscapes and close-knit communities, Bolton offers an idyllic setting for families to thrive. However, like any other area, it is not immune to the challenges of crime. Recent statistics reveal that Greater Manchester, including Bolton, has experienced a worrying surge in crime rates, significantly surpassing the national average, making it imperative to take proactive steps to secure your home.

Installing burglar alarms or intruder alarms in your Bolton home is one of the most effective security measures you can take. These alarm systems act as powerful deterrents, dissuading potential criminals and reducing the likelihood of your property becoming a target. When searching for security companies in Bolton, choosing a reputable provider like Nova Alarms is important. Our team specialises in providing high-quality alarm systems tailored to your needs.

Unsure which intruder alarm is best suited to your needs? The Nova Alarms Team Can Help

When considering types of burglar alarms, it's important to evaluate your specific requirements. One of the popular choices for homeowners is wireless intruder alarms. These alarms offer convenience and flexibility, as they can be easily installed without extensive wiring. With wireless intruder alarms in Bolton, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced security technology without the hassle of complicated installations.

Quality you can trust; NSI accredited commercial & domestic burglar alarm installers.

Nova Alarms is an NSI-accredited security camera installation company. National Security Inspectorate approval is an acknowledged symbol of excellence in the security and fire industries. NSI Internal and external audits are regular, ensuring the highest installation and service levels are delivered.

As an NSI-accredited burglar alarm installation company, you can be assured that all our work meets the highest industry standards. With a highly skilled workforce of trained staff and our personal and professional service, we instil confidence and provide peace of mind to all our customers.

Can you install your intruder alarm?

Whilst you technically can install an intruder alarm yourself, it's far from ideal. Intruder alarms are highly technical security equipment; incorrectly installing them could result in frequent false alarms, lack of protection, or other forms of failure.

That's why we strongly advise against installing your burglar alarm. With a professional installation, you receive a security solution that meets your needs, and you gain peace of mind knowing that the alarm itself is of high quality and has been installed correctly.

What About Smart burglar alarms?

Intruder alarms have come far from their simple origins as motion detectors and alert sirens. Nowadays, many systems are integrated with smart technology allowing them to be connected to your smartphone and other smart appliances; these are often referred to as smart alarms for the home.

These smart alarm systems are very useful for homes and small business owners. In addition to triggering an alert when the alarm is tripped, they also send a signal to a connected smartphone. This means you'll be provided with real-time updates on any alarm activity on your property, providing peace of mind. After all, nobody wants to return home or go to the office Monday morning to find themselves a victim of burglary. With a smart alarm system, you'll be able to respond quickly and appropriately, notifying neighbours, security staff, or, if required, the police.

Greater Manchester alarm repair and maintenance

Burglar alarms are fantastic security tools for both home security and commercial security. They provide a superb deterrent against criminal activity such as break-ins or burglary. However, an alarm only protects if it is working correctly. A damaged alarm system could be seen by criminals as a vulnerability, potentially marking your property as a target for robbery or other criminal activity.

So, how often should an alarm be serviced and undergo routine maintenance? Well, that depends on your unique needs and circumstances; however, a good rule of thumb is that intruder alarms should be serviced with regular maintenance every 12 months. This helps identify any problems before they cause a failure, leaving your home or business unprotected.

As a local business, we're very passionate about our local community; we're very concerned about the crime rate in Greater Manchester. That's why we offer alarm repair services for any burglar alarm, regardless of if our team or a competitor has installed it. We provide repair services for all burglar alarm units; this includes fixing any make or model of intruder alarm. It doesn't matter if we installed the system; call our team, and we'll get there as soon as possible.

Why choose Nova Alarms?

As a family-owned alarm company, we believe one burglary is too many. So, if you're a part of the 68% of UK households that do not have an intruder alarm installed, we highly suggest you seek a reputable and trustworthy alarm provider to install one as soon as possible. So why should you choose an intruder alarm from Nova Alarms?

- Family-owned with decades of experience

Nova Alarms has provided homes and businesses with quality alarm installation, maintenance, and repair solutions since 1985. As a family-owned Greater Manchester security company, we're very dedicated to our local area and understand the concern many have regarding their home or business security. With our decades of experience as a family-owned business, we have developed close relationships with our existing customers and would be delighted to add you to that list.

 - NSI-accredited home security alarms

National Security Inspectorate approval is an acknowledged symbol of excellence in the security and fire industries. NSI Internal and external audits are regular, ensuring that the highest installation and service level is delivered. As an NSI-accredited burglar alarm installation company, you can be assured that all work we provide meets the highest industry standards. With a highly skilled workforce of trained staff and our personal and professional service, we instil confidence and provide peace of mind to all our customers.

 - A personal yet professional service

Our highly personal-yet-professional service is very important to the Nova Alarms team. We can customise and tailor any commercial or home alarm system to meet your needs. Our home and commercial security systems are state-of-the-art and extremely easy to use.

Intruder Alarms In Bolton – Nova Alarms

As a homeowner in Bolton, securing your property and loved ones should be a top priority. With the rise in crime rates, investing in reliable alarm systems, such as burglar and intruder alarms, is essential. Choose a reputable security company like Nova Alarms for expert advice, installation, and alarm repair services. With wireless intruder alarms and other options, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is protected. Take proactive steps to secure your property today and find the best alarm systems in Bolton.

Mike BallMike Ball
15:00 06 Mar 23
I needed a door contact re attaching, so I phoned Nova on the Friday afternoon, and they came out on the Monday and sorted everything out perfectly.Couldn't ask for a better and speedier service.Proper friendly too, everyone I spoke with. And they saved me a lot of money rather than going through the company who originally installed it, who wanted more than twice the price just to come out.Would definitely use again!
Antonio PratsasAntonio Pratsas
06:37 20 Jan 23
Great local Business.Very pleased with Nova Alarms. From survey to installation and follow up with a few technical rectifications,Nova have been brilliant. Highly recommended on all levels.
Nicola EvansNicola Evans
16:02 21 Oct 22
Had an alarm fitted last week due to a break in. Within 24 hours of making contact the work was quoted and alarm installed.Charlotte was great arranging the quote so quickly and very supportive. Checking in on me after the alarm was installed.Adam was great who quoted, discussed all options and saved me money in the process! I was going overboard wanting various things and he advised me with better options that saved money.Daryl who installed the alarm was very polite, professional and helpful. Also patient with me when it come to the technical demo. I'm not the best with technology!Great company, very professional and would definitely recommend to others.Thanks to all at Nova Alarms for making me feel safe in my own home again 🙂
Tony WalshTony Walsh
14:52 22 Sep 22
Had an alarm system with nova now for about 10 years. I have just moved and they was my first choice again. The product, support and customer service is second to none. The support and customer service largely down to a fantastic lady called Charlotte who is always willing to go that extra mile. She is always friendly and helpful with no problem to big or to small. The companies great and she's an asset to them
Maurice EdwardsMaurice Edwards
11:20 20 Sep 22
Very happy with my new Alarm system. Excellent customer service and installation from a business with a good family feel about them. Really friendly staff who were very helpful throughout the purchasing and installation process, so many thanks to Julie and Daryll for a First Class Job. 10 out of 10....

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